We have a selection of development programmes which are unique. Utilising three core concepts, time, multi sensory learning and spaced repetition combined with personal training, our programmes help deliver measurable results in the following key areas:

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Welcome to Skills for Life

The personal development programmes are specifically designed to answer these questions and most importantly give you techniques, tools and attitudes that make realising your goals and aspirations a rewarding journey of discovering, changing and indeed - optimising more of your potential. Hilton is a respected Communications Coach and Human Relations trainer with more than 20 years experience in the corporate and private sectors. He seeks to inspire positive change and empowers personal growth. He is a skilled group facilitator, trainer a qualified master NLP practitioner, a Gestalt Psychotherapist and is trained in the powerful Emotional Freedom Techniques. With Hilton, you have a unique opportunity to experience these incredible tools and how they make a profound difference to your enjoyment and satisfaction at work and in life. We work from the premise that people have the right and the potential to interact with mutual respect and integrity, our courses deliver skills and impart a philosophy which enables people to create effective and lasting relationships in families, in the workplace or in any organisation.
Launching December 2013 From the austerity of the post-war years to the influence of teachers and mentors, from early wonder at overseas travel to the challenge of developing careers, this precious collection gives us invaluable insights into the lives of women over the past 80 years. Family customs and secrets, love, separation and loss, all play their part in some particularly poignant tales. It is a treasure trove to read. Skills for life is a revolution in personal business coaching